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Logic Proof for God’s Nonexistence

Posted by agnosis on September 17, 2007

I just found this logic proof for the non-existence of God (via Planet Humanism):

Premise 1: All actions are prompted by need, want, or desire.

Premise 2: A perfect immutable being has no needs, wants or desire.

Premise 3: God is a being as described by premise 2.

Premise 4: Creation would have been action of the creator.

Premise 5: The universe exists.

From P 1 & 2: God does not need, want, or desire anything.

Conclusion: the universe couldn’t have been created.

This is the response I posted:

Your conclusion as founded upon your stated premises is valid, however, I’m not convinced of the validity of Premise 2. I’ll buy that Premise 1 is likely true; I certainly can’t think of an instance that would disprove it. Premise 2 is difficult to ‘prove’, however, as no one has ever met a perfect being. I think I would agree that a perfect being would have no needs, being perfectly self-contained, at least presumably. But the question is, would a perfect being truly have no needs or desires? And if a perfect being, particularly one who would presumably be all-powerful (or at least powerful enough to create a universe) did have needs or desires, would having said needs or desires make this perfect being any less perfect, particularly given than said being would be powerful enough to fulfill those needs and desires for itself?

Interesting logic proof. I like it, even though I think it’s flawed.


2 Responses to “Logic Proof for God’s Nonexistence”

  1. evanescent said

    Hi agnosis, I appreciate the comment and the link to my blog. Thank you very much. I invite anyone to criticise or share comments either on this blog or my own regarding the argument.

    Best Regards

  2. agnosis said

    Thanks for stopping back by here, Evanescent. Always nice to meet some friendly faces on a new, start-up blog.

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