Agnosis Skeptikos

The introspective wanderings of a one-time Christian turned agnostic


Posted by agnosis on June 28, 2007

One of the big questions blaring in my head right now is this: If Christianity is such a powerful faith, where then is all the power? Christianity claims the power to change lives, to turn even the ugliest character and turn it into a shining example of God’s redemptive powers. It claims to have the power to bring new “sheep into the fold.”

But if this is the case, I ask you, then why don’t Christians look or act any different from anyone else? If Christianity effects such powerful changes in the lives of its adherents, why is it that most churches are divided on themselves and split over trivial issues? Why are Christians some of the worst when it comes to backstabbing, name-calling, hate-mongery, and the like? If Christianity is so damn powerful, then why aren’t Christians any different from anyone else? Shouldn’t Christians then be the ones leading the way to peace and tranquility and mercy and forgiveness, instead of being the first ones in line to spew their harsh words of anger and bitterness and strife?

I’ve no use for such people. I’ve no use for powerless religions, and I forsake Christianity for the powerless and ineffectual religion that it is. I see nothing there to draw me to it, its people, or its God. What those Christians do in actuality, no matter what words they speak and say they believe in, I can do without their supposed faith. Why in hell would I want to take on the burden of such a religious system?

I wouldn’t. And I don’t.


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