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Bad Astronomy

Posted by agnosis on June 28, 2007

I’ve been following a blog called Bad Astronomy for several weeks now. I stumbled across it in my quest for new and interesting things to read. BA has actually served, in part, to aid my decision to become agnostic. I have really come to appreciate his detailed approach at exposing the flaws in many of the “scientific” claims from the religious community (with creationism being one of his favorite soapboxes to get on). If you enjoy science and like learning new things, check out BA and get a taste of some of what’s going on currently in his field. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Edit: This video entry actually demonstrates a large part of why I’ve left the Christian faith. If Christians can’t be honest with their “science” and must, then, resort to lies to convince anyone of the veracity of their biblical claims, then that must cast a large shadow over the supposed “truth” of their claims. Of course, I would have preferred that Killian had avoided name-calling in the comments to his video, but of course, it’s not like he started it. It’s just too bad that these kinds of debates inevitably degenerate into that sort of behavior – but that’s a rant for another day. For now, I’m comfortable just pointing out the weaknesses of “Christian science” and the role they’ve played in my leaving that way of thinking behind.


2 Responses to “Bad Astronomy”

  1. thebadastronomer said

    Wow, that’s great! I am honestly thrilled that you wrote this. A success story! Congrats!

  2. agnosis said

    Thanks for stopping by, Phil. I’ve been watching your writing with great interest of late due to my own frustrations with the inadequacies of Christian “scientific” explanations. Anyone with half a mind can see that things from that community just don’t add up. I think what I appreciate most about your writing is that it’s understandable, even to someone like me who’s science background is a bit thinner than he’d like. So, thanks for taking the time to do what you do and share it with the rest of us.

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