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Agnostic. I think.

Posted by agnosis on June 20, 2007

I recently determined that I’m agnostic – at least that’s the best self-definition for my current belief system I can come up with. I certainly wouldn’t say that I’m an atheist. You still can’t convince me that the universe came together through some grand, cosmic accident. I just tend to think now that whatever intelligent being was the cause of all this has since lost interest and moved on – or died – and left the universe to while away on its own. I also can’t really say I subscribe to the Christian faith I was raised under for so many years, the one that I once immersed myself in and tried to find some sort of life meaning from. Neither it nor any other belief system that worships a deity of any kind really holds up in my view anymore.

As I said I was raised Christian, embracing that faith myself at a young age and living it out for years. But as I’ve grown up and entered adulthood, there are a lot of things about Christianity that no longer add up, things that run counter to logic and common sense and observable fact. This blog will, I hope, be a catalogue of some of my thoughts and explorations about why I feel like Christianity may, in fact, be less than the powerful faith that it claims to be. I hope that those of you reading here will follow along and interact with me as I elaborate on some of these thoughts.

Of course, I don’t necessarily plan to stick exclusively to topics of agnosticism and Christianity and what-not. Part of my interest in blogging anonymously here is to be able to write about topics that aren’t necessarily acceptable in the social circles in which I live. Some of those may find exposure here, as well. We’ll just have to see how things go.

So, here’s to a new beginning and future growth…


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